OUMS Composition Competition 2022 Rules


  1. The competition is open to any composer who is a current member of the University of Oxford or of the Oxford University Music Society (OUMS).
  2. One cash prize of £100 will be awarded to the winner and OUMS may award certificates of commendation to other works. The winning composition will be performed by the Oxford University Sinfonietta (OUSinf) in their 2021 Hilary Term concert.
  3. The composition must not have already been performed in concert.
  4. The composition must be scored for chamber orchestra, no larger than 2,2,2,2,-2,2,0,0,timp,str.
  5. The composition must not exceed fifteen minutes in length and will be judged both on its musical merit and on its practicality of performance within OUSinf’s Hilary Term programme.
  6. In all cases, the decision of the adjudication panel is final. No further correspondence will be considered.
  7. Since all scores/recordings will be submitted to the adjudication panel anonymously, they must only contain the title of the piece. Scores/recordings must not contain the composer’s name or any personally-identifiable information.
  8. Entries must be submitted to competition@oums.org and the score/recording should be submitted as PDF/MP3 files (can be synthesised or live).


  1. The deadline for entry is 28th January 2022 (Friday of 2nd Week, Hilary Term)
  2. Adjudication will take place immediately after submission deadline.
  3. The winners will be notified in early Hilary Term.
  4. If selected as the winner, parts will need to be produced by the composer by the end of 3rd week at the latest.

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